2012 thermal underwear brand development strategy seminar will be held in the city – Yiwu News

first focus on industrial upgrading and transformation of China’s thermal underwear industry forum – the “2012 China’s thermal underwear brand development strategy seminar” (hereinafter referred to as the “seminar”) will be held on the afternoon of April 28 Kam are The hotel opened. The seminar was jointly organized by the underwear Committee of China Textile Commerce Association, AC Brand Innovation Development Center.

  Seminar focused on thermal underwear industry in the deteriorating market situation, how to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry as a whole, and how to break the cherished life dependent on the weather, how the integration of industrial chain and industrial upgrading, and other industries unavoidable to be solved issues a pragmatic discussion of the development of a way out of the conspiracy industry. The activities promote Moscow Yiwu International Trade Center project.

  By then, nearly 100 industry executives from the China Textile Commerce Association executives and across the country, government officials, academic experts, media reporters and thermal underwear industry chain upstream and downstream aspects of the elite will gather in Yiwu, jointly build China’s protection warm underwear industry, industrial upgrading and transformation of their suggestions.