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Yiwu airport flight times are changed from March 25

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Benwang   March 25, the Civil Aviation started the 2012 summer and autumn flight schedule, Yiwu Airport flights are subject to change. Add Yiwu – Urumqi direct flight to the process at 10:00 am with a time of 5 hours and 20 minutes; return the afternoon of 16:10, four hours and 20 minutes. Yiwu – Guangzhou flights to be increased to six classes a day, departure times 07:50,10:20,13:00,17:10,18:20,22:00, Fair during which another overtime. Yiwu – Beijing time adjusted to 19:15, 10:25 Yiwu – Shenzhen, Yiwu – Xiamen’s always the same, Yiwu – Changsha, Yiwu – Kunming brought forward to 13:50, Yiwu – the Zhengzhou fine-tuning to 18 : 00 in the afternoon of Yiwu – Shantou in advance to 13:50 in the evening Yiwu – Shantou advance to the 21:20.