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March 28, the State Council announced the establishment of Wenzhou City finance comprehensive reform pilot area, a total of 12 key elements, of which there is a small loan company: to encourage and support private capital to participate in the reform of the local financial institutions in accordance with the law initiated the establishment of new shares of village banks, finance companies, rural fund cooperatives and other financial organizations; meet the requirements of small loan companies can be transformed into a village bank.

  Small loan companies are expected to be restructured for the rural banks, this is not only the voices of a number of small loan companies in Wenzhou, the country, including Yiwu, including small loan companies look forward to. Today, Wenzhou First pilot microcredit companies restructuring for rural banks, Wenzhou is definitely a big breakthrough, but also the future development direction of the city’s small loan companies opened up the imagination.

  Small loans is expected to quench their thirst “

  Converted into a village bank, which is the number of small loan companies set up its mind, not bare can lend deposits, this trouble can be solved to some extent, small loan company funds hungry. 12 an important part of the Wenzhou City finance comprehensive reform pilot area “highlighted” eligible small loan companies can be restructured into a village bank.

  Last year, the bank monetary policy tightening, a shortage of funds of enterprises, small-loans business is quite good, but is also facing the embarrassment of funding constraints. Remember that the funds of a small loan companies in the city all the loan-out, customer loans need to make an appointment. At that time there are more than 50 million yuan loan funds waiting in line.

  To solve the financing problems of small loan companies, in fact it is indirectly solve the problem of the small micro-enterprise financing. Wenzhou SME Development Association president Zhou German also said that after the interview with the media The Wenzhou finance comprehensive reform pilot area is an ice-breaking trip, can introduce a large amount of capital used to support the industry, promote local economic development.

  Good listed companies involved in micro-loans

  Up to now, the city a total of Langsha, benefit providers, Sanding, Sunbeam and three other small loan companies, and look of these small loan companies, Sunbeam outside the small loan companies, the remaining three are the background of listed companies . In fact, the Shin Kong Group is also actively preparing for listing.

  Listed companies involved in the microcredit field, took a fancy to the future prospects of small loan companies, and hopes to use this as a springboard to enter the financial industry.

  CITIC Securities Yiwu stakeholders of the business department, said the future direction of the small loan companies to transform into urban banks, small loan companies can greatly enhance the development space.Although the overall strength of the small loan companies can not with the commercial banks to compete, into a town bank deposit and loan business, has expanded its business development space, can greatly enhance the performance of related companies. Listed companies for investment in these small loan companies, is a big plus.

  There are worries the excitement of the Yiwu small loan company

  The small loan company is expected to be transformed into village banks, no doubt is good news. Person in charge of the the Yiwu number of small loan company after hearing this news, the future development is full of confidence, see hope. However, due to restructuring rural banks must comply with the relevant conditions, where there is a very critical threshold: the largest shareholder of financial institutions.

  Throughout the the Yiwu existing set up a small loan company, its main launch per capita is not a financial institution, private enterprises. Therefore, Yiwu, a number of small loan companies center in doubt, this reform in Wenzhou content just looks beautiful, but the actual operation is quite difficult.

  From the balance sheet channel a “village bank restructuring of small loan companies, certainly is good news, but from the current real situation, the process would be difficult. Yiwu banks so many rural banks to compete? Alone. Village Bank is almost no advantage at all. “Yiwu benefit providers of small loan companies, the official told reporters.

  Yiwu opened more than three months Sanding small loan companies is even more low-key, said: “before we opened, the moment is to do their own thing to do to prepare for the next phase of business development.” The who the so-called business development is to increase their investment, and so on, the village banks is the future direction and goals.

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