The city of Kaifeng promotes Yiwu Culture Fair and Tourism Fair – Yiwu News

7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, the Fourth China International Tourism Commodities Fair promotion will be held March 29 in Kaifeng, Henan.

  Promote the meeting, the Kaifeng Municipal Committee, propaganda minister Qinbao Jiang and Kaifeng City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of Kira to attend the seminar, said the hope that the Kaifeng entrepreneurs and business operators seize the opportunity to take full advantage held in Yiwu, the two national platform for the exhibition, the cultural industry bigger and stronger Kaifeng.

  City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director Yan Hong, Yiwu economic and social development, and these two show. She said, Kaifeng, the ancient capital of seven dynasties, distant history, cultural resources, heavy industry developed culture; Yiwu market advantage, expect the Kaifeng cultural products aboard the Fair Travel Fair “two platforms to the world, to promote win-win cooperation, to achieve common development.

  The promotion by the news media attention in Henan and Kaifeng City, Province, news units, eight municipal news media in Kaifeng in Kaifeng will all be present. Promote the meeting, many entrepreneurs and business operators from Kaifeng cultural industries are encouraged to register participants.

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