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Zhejiang Online, Hangzhou, March 28 (Reporter Yeh Hai) Yiwu, Zhejiang, the business sector today the introduction of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau boost the reform of the pilot service economy developing a number of opinions “clear” exempt from administrative fees of the small micro-enterprise “to cancel the small and medium-sized micro- business registration (change) registration fee, annual fee, county (city) business license fee and other expenses.

  Launched the “opinions” from the market, the main access to the financing channels to broaden and optimize the development environment to cultivate the foreign main deepen brand building eighteen initiatives to boost the comprehensive reform of the work of Yiwu International Trade Services Yiwu local economic development.

  In an effort to reduce the principal venture “opinions” in addition to explicitly exempt from small micro-enterprises administrative fees, “external, but also proposed to exempt from the individual businesses and farmers’ professional cooperatives registered (change) registration fee (city) business license fee and other expenses.

  Zhejiang reporter saw the “opinions” also explicitly encourages the development of headquarters economy, clear enterprise approved by the business sector can use the ‘headquarters’ in the name, ‘regional headquarters’, ‘R & D headquarters’ and so forth “.

  Yiwu City Secretary for Commerce and Qiu increase in France, said the local business sector will have all types of investors to invest in new energy, new materials, new medicines and other six emerging industries and high-tech industries to support, encourage enterprises to increase new product development efforts and capacity science research with the development, support for universities, research institutes and enterprises to set up industrial technology innovation entities.

Tips for Mixing A Full Container From Yiwu China

Tips for Mixing A Full Container From Yiwu China

One of the best things of Yiwu market is it’s super easy to mix a full container with assorted products. Because millions of products are wholesaling under one roof.

But, there are still some tips for you to mix container from Yiwu market…

Some Products Require Export Inspection Certificate

According to China law, certain products need to pass an inspection called Export Commodity Inspection, before shipping out.

The goal for this law is, to ensure certain products exported from China is SAFE for overseas consumers.

For example, toys need this inspection to make sure it’s safe for kids. Electrical appliances and cables require this inspection to make sure they’re not easily cause fire. Jewelry require this inspection to make there are not much heavy metal inside…

If the products are tested and passed these inspections, they will be granted a certificate. With this certificate, products can be exported.

However, 99% of the suppliers in Yiwu market don’t have this certificate for their products. It takes too long (about 2 weeks)to obtain certificates. So most the time, the exporters in Yiwu just buy a certificate for an LCL shipment, or pay a “special” declare fees to get a FCL shipment out.

*Here are the tips: try to mix a container of products that don’t require export inspection. So you don’t have to pay this “special” declare fee(200-300USD). Or you mix another container of products require inspection and pay the fee.

Some Products Require Fumigation

Similar as above.

The tips here are: mix a container of products that don’t require fumigation, mix another small container of products require fumigation.

Full container fumigation is much faster and easier to operate. The overall cost is similar to LCL shipments.


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Where is Yiwu

Where is Yiwu? Yiwu’s location

Yiwu Market is located in Yiwu City,situated in middle of Zhejiang Province,China.


See Best way to Yiwu, How to get to yiwu

Distance to Yiwu


City KM By Air By Bus By Train

ShangHai 250 NO 4H,USD10 4H,USD4

GuangZhou 2000 1.5H,USD125 15H,USD40 21H,USD40

ShenZhen 2200 1.5,USD135 17H,USD50 23H,USD45

HangZhou 120 NO 1H,USD4 1H,USD3

Ningbo 150 NO 2H,USD6 3H,USD6

Beingjing 2000 2H,USD135 17H,USD45 23H,USD45

Air Temperature in Yiwu City

Month Season Temp Humidity Weather

Dec-Feb Winter -4c to 15c Dry Rain 15 days,sunshine 40 days ,cloudy 35 days

March-May Spring 10c-30c Wet Rain 40 days,sunshine 30 days, cloudy 20 days

Jun-Aug Summer 20c-40c- Wet Rain 30 days,Sunshine 50 days, cloudy 10 days

Sep-Nov Autumn 10c-30c Dry Rain 20 days,sunshine 60 days, cloudy 10 days

Airfreight Info of Yiwu Airport

Scheduled Flight From To Depart Arrive Scheduled(1 means Mon)

CZ3885 Yiwu GuangZhou 19:10 20:55 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

CZ3875 Yiwu ShenZhen 10:30 13:05 1,3,5,7

CZ3725 Yiwu BeiJing 17:30 19:20 1,3,5,7

CZ3882 Yiwu Santou 22:20 23:40 1,3,5,7

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