Yiwu: international freight forwarding and logistics industry reached new heights – Yiwu News

Yesterday, reporter learned from the Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Association, by 10 international freight forwarding and logistics companies in the city “Baotuan combination of Zhejiang Yiwu international logistics and freight forwarding. Trade and Industry Bureau has recently got the” license “, which declared the Yiwu International freight forwarding field combining the strengths of the formation of the first “public fixed positions” platform was born, the city of international logistics and freight forwarding industry and therefore to enter a new period of development.

  Against the background of calls for the international logistics industry to enhance

  In the Thirteenth Party Congress, and this year’s “two sessions”, the building of the about Yiwu land port city has always been an important subject of care and concern. How to make the city a huge logistical advantages, speed up the construction of “Yiwu Port” pace? The meeting has become a hot topic at the city from top to bottom multi-dimensional focus.

  ”Yiwu Port” two commodity exports, the monitoring center project, Commodity domestic logistics centers, major logistics projects are accelerating many of the supporting hardware facilities and management models are also multi-faceted to enhance, in an effort to enhance the carrying capacity of the city logistics, and gradually form a rational layout, structural optimization, advanced technology, fully functional, modern logistics system.

  Yiwu’s development background, asked us to go hand in hand with all levels of logistics-related. “Kam Lai Sin, Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Industry Association, said the city as the country’s largest commodity export base and the world’s largest commodity distribution center, market oriented degree 60 % or more, the momentum of international logistics is very strong. According to customs statistics, in 2010, 2011 for two consecutive years Yiwu customs supervision and export containers are more than 570,000 TEUs.

  ”Such a large foreign trade cargo throughput, the need for a smooth passage, during which thousands of international freight forwarding and logistics companies also play a special role in the new environment has put forward higher requirements for the team.” Said Kim Korea cents.

  Becoming the norms in the international logistics industry development

  Learned in Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Association office, few data: First, to the end of the city’s international freight forwarding companies to 1056;, sponsored by the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation in December last year announced the closing the thirteenth installment of a total of A class logistics enterprises in Zhejiang Province, 247, by region, Ningbo, 89, 42, Hangzhou, Huzhou, 19, 12, Wenzhou and Yiwu to 31, most of these enterprises, international freight forwarding and logistics enterprises.

  ”With the growth of exports of Yiwu market, all these years the freight forwarding and logistics industry has developed rapidly.” The office of the Association Huang said that the start up of enterprises engaged in freight forwarding warehousing is also a herd, there are quite a mixed bag phenomenon. A small number of enterprises in order to Mohr-McClune, illegal operations, regulatory and export adversely affected. In order to regulate the operation, establish a good image of the Yiwu International Freight Forwarders, Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Warehousing Association was established in 2008 under the guidance and assistance of the relevant departments.

  The Association was founded at the beginning, although only 32 companies in the industry put up a benchmark. Members through the development of enterprise self-discipline convention to make a public commitment to the community and to regulate the business activities of enterprises. After several years of operation, the International Freight Forwarders Association has grown to more than 100 member companies, the Association In order to promote the “Yiwu Port” the height of the building to look at the development of the freight forwarding industry, in communication with the relevant departments of the government and customs inspection and quarantine play a good role as a bridge.

  Business has become increasingly standardized, export supervision of the customs and other departments to provide a convenient, but also bring benefits for other companies. Yiwu customs this end built a “green channel”, the creation of Freight Forwarders Association declaration Window priority orders, greatly facilitated the member companies of the relevant member companies. This kind of “reward good faith” measures to promote further regulate the business atmosphere formation and upgrading.

  ”To Baotuan bigger build the new platform of international freight forwarding

  It is understood that with the changes in the international freight forwarding business situation and the environment, has been “small, weak, chaotic,” the model is being more and more challenges, international freight forwarding companies, mergers, restructuring and joint imperative. International Freight Forwarders to coincide with the city ‘Yiwu to Hong Kong’ construction must closely follow the situation and be willing to invest, and strive to become bigger and stronger. “

  With the establishment of the Zhejiang Yiwu International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.. In this direction has been substantial breakthroughs. This strong combination led by the Group of Holdings, and Yang Xiang international freight forwarding, Hua Haoguo occasion cargo nine International logistics company jointly build a large international logistics and freight forwarding company.

  Sun Jianhong, chairman of the amount of Holdings Group, said: “Yiwu market is the world market and logistics go hand in hand, and the service been done, the international logistics articles do. Yiwu export of goods, logistics and agents enterprise scale are small, so that is not foreign to find freight forwarding companies, a look at the price of two to see this time, 10 companies jointly established a new company to build a Yiwu public fixed position platform to enhance the grade of doing international logistics and service quality. “

  It is understood that Yiwu out, go through a freight forwarding company in Ningbo and other sub-handedly, and “Yi Union” was established, you can directly with the shipping company to talk about business, in the middle to reduce a part of, and reduce costs. – United on the size and grade, but also enhance the taste and image of the Yiwu International Logistics and even Yiwu.

  ”Yi Union” on the road, but also to strengthen the exchanges between peers, the reporter in an interview with Sun Jianhong, he just received a message, the leadership of Nan Yue Logistics accompanied by Jinan University School of Management professor and his party come to Yiwu to study international logistics.

  Sun Jianhong, said the company’s operations, plans to invest to build a fleet of 200 container drag truck, which change the history of its own large fleet in Yiwu.