Yiwu Purchasing service extends to Retail section

.“In the past, is to help domestic consumers to overseas purchasing now is to help foreigners to purchasing retail goods in the domestic shop is ‘external network on behalf of’ the business in the future may be a good transition.” Yesterday, against the company just start-ups to help foreigners network on behalf of the retail merchandise business, Yiwu Hao Hui Trade Co. Ltd, said, every order is not large, but as long as the number more than enough profit no less.

  [Shop price advantage

  To attract foreigners to come to Taobao

  Yesterday morning, at the site Taobao, patted and other small appliances shop some price, the company staff Xiaoxu selected which an iron pattern next to the “buy” button and click with the mouse, enter the payment page to complete single procedure.

  ”This is St. Petersburg, Russia 名叫瓦纽沙 buyers require purchasing in addition to iron, the buyer also requires purchasing two pairs of large-size cattle boots, a large outdoor mounted, and a queen Down The price of 2200 yuan. “small Xu Jieshao, all goods from each shop sent the company will be in service in accordance with the buyer orders one by one to check, confirm correct then unified packaging. Finally, fill in the Russian address and contact information of the buyer reserved directly through postal EMS and other logistics channels and send them over.

  Trading partner for many years in Russia early stage of the two original amount of wholesale business decline, overseas purchasing agent also compressed profit margins because of tariff increases, so try the external network on behalf of business, did not think the business was The good. “Yao Hui, Ho Fai Trading Co., Ltd. is responsible for partners in Russia has its own trade website, hair up websites such as domestic Taobao shop merchandise at low prices attracted many local consumers. Also a large outdoor cotton tops retail price in Russia is likely twice the price of domestic shop. ”    

  Look at the orders of the comprehensive Russian buyers, some buyers will specify the requirements of purchasing a particular brand of a commodity, and some good talk, as long as the color, size, quality meets the requirement, the price range to allow to relax a little.Purchasing goods category, basically clothing, footwear, knitwear and other consumer goods.

  [Network on behalf of commodity profits]

  Three aspects will receive income

  Use its own channels in the external network on behalf of one of the profit guarantee how? In this regard, Yao Hui, frankly, whether it is to help foreigners purchasing, or to help domestic consumers purchasing, there is not much difference between the two, there are three main benefits.

  Commissioned to the Russian buyers purchasing for example, First of all, buyers in the confirmation of the purchasing agent to pay a purchasing commission, usually about 10% of the total price of goods, if the total price is lower, according to the commission reserve price calculation, this The commission by Yao Hui and Russian trading partners pro rata share.

  Second, the Xiaoxiang foreign trade companies, responsible for major procurement chain retail goods to help foreigners find, you can select a number of good reputation Taobao as a long-term supplier, the price below the site agreement price to buy the goods, produced by the difference profits.

  Finally, in the packaged goods to Russia of buyers mailing address into the customs and other issues, there is the cost of additional computing. Under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the goods smoothly into the customs fees charged to the buyer will be slightly higher than the actual costs. This is also the least an income, after all, Russia have unified the provisions of the tariff will not be much deviation.

  External network on behalf of the associated costs may seem pricey, but still a good deal for Russian buyers. For example, a certain brand of a iron shop retail price is basically about 60 yuan, count the purchasing commission and into the customs cost of the purchaser to pay the purchase price will not exceed $ 100, but in Russia, the same paragraph irons retail price of close to 200 yuan.

  It is understood that in order to apportion mailing costs, many Russian buyers a one-time purchase of various commodities, or friends and relatives to fight single “purchasing.

  [Different industrial structure]

  External network on behalf of “money scene” optimistic

  ”In addition to Russia, the next thought of Thailand to see the use of the resources of the old customers purchasing business done.” Yao Hui said that he was very optimistic about the business of the foreign purchasing retail goods. The main reason is that in many countries the industrial structure, the light industry and daily commodities is relatively weak, or high production costs, so that the high retail price of local household goods, while many shop prices advantage, just to meet the demand of foreign consumers purchase zero.

  Professional street in Yiwu door industry, market dealers Hu Description: Not long ago, a buyer from Georgia has ordered five wooden doors with fire safety features, saying that a friend commissioned for the decoration of the new villa. Buy The family said their domestic rarely see such products, even if there is a business sales, the price is higher than here. “

  Reporter in an interview that in recent years, commissioned by a friend, there are many purchasing agent Yiwu purchasing retail goods foreigners.

  Consumers to purchase point of view of the capacity of the national industrial structure, like the Middle East, EU, ASEAN and other countries and regions more suitable to carry out the external network on behalf of business people in the industry, these countries are either light industrial products prices are high, or do not have perfect light industry industrial chain, have good market potential for development. However, in practice, the requirements of the domestic purchasing business is relatively high, for example, in the countries best familiar with trading partners to work together to solve the problems of currency exchange, into the customs and follow-up services.