The city of Kaifeng promotes Yiwu Culture Fair and Tourism Fair – Yiwu News

7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, the Fourth China International Tourism Commodities Fair promotion will be held March 29 in Kaifeng, Henan.

  Promote the meeting, the Kaifeng Municipal Committee, propaganda minister Qinbao Jiang and Kaifeng City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of Kira to attend the seminar, said the hope that the Kaifeng entrepreneurs and business operators seize the opportunity to take full advantage held in Yiwu, the two national platform for the exhibition, the cultural industry bigger and stronger Kaifeng.

  City People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director Yan Hong, Yiwu economic and social development, and these two show. She said, Kaifeng, the ancient capital of seven dynasties, distant history, cultural resources, heavy industry developed culture; Yiwu market advantage, expect the Kaifeng cultural products aboard the Fair Travel Fair “two platforms to the world, to promote win-win cooperation, to achieve common development.

  The promotion by the news media attention in Henan and Kaifeng City, Province, news units, eight municipal news media in Kaifeng in Kaifeng will all be present. Promote the meeting, many entrepreneurs and business operators from Kaifeng cultural industries are encouraged to register participants.

Yiwu Last Round for Hardware Exhibition

The Ninth China International Hardware Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Hardware”) will be held in Yiwu International Expo Centre from 21-23 April. Sprint stage in less than a month, the hardware will be staff of the organizing committee is still hard to publicize and promote, with the help of industry associations and the appeal of well-known show, do a good job the last breeze Merchants.

  After years of development, hardware has become a domestic hardware and electrical industry, high-profile international professional exhibition, the exhibition scale, outward, turnover and other indicators are among the best in professional exhibition in the country with hardware appliances category was named “Top 10 national trade exhibition” National trade show, the GTA “.

  It is learned that this hardware will set the international standard booths 1200, covering electronic and electrical appliances, hardware tools, machinery and mechanical and electrical, building hardware, daily hardware five industries. Up to now, the hardware will have completed more than 90% of the booth arrangement, exhibiting companies from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places.

  Relevant person in charge of the organizing committee introduced this year in the breeze process, the organizing committee and the local professional association in close cooperation, respectively, with the padlock Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City tool industry associations, the Association of Machinery Industry in Yiwu City, Guangdong Province tide On CAITANG the power of the Association of stainless steel products, the organize the enterprises to large-scale exhibition.Guangdong Province, Chao Cai Tong Stainless Steel Products Association last year’s visit to the show, exhibitors are very interested in this year, they have to apply to the organizing committee for about 40 booth. “The official told reporters last year, Yiwu machinery industry Association organized the exhibitors achieved good results this year will also organize corporate debut hardware, the booth application is expected to reach more than 60.

  Not long ago, the Organizing Committee staff also traveled to Shanghai 21st China International Hardware Fair, targeted at the show site visits to businesses, the hardware will breeze investment promotion. “Shanghai Hardware Expo show large-scale, highly professional force of impact in the industry, we hope with the help of its popularity to promote themselves.” The official said of the Organizing Committee, Shanghai Hardware Expo site, many companies are on the hardware will be full of interest, there are dozens of companies on the spot to apply for a booth.

Yiwu officials go to Shandong to promote the 7th Yiwu Cultural productsFair – Yiwu News

March 21 to 23, according to the unified arrangement of the Fair Executive Committee, Municipal Propaganda Department, City of Industry and Commerce Bureau, SMG Bureau, Business Bureau, the Mall Group, City Cultural Goods Industry Association unit made a special trip to Jinan, Shandong Linyi, promote the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair to good results.

  Linyi convenient transportation advantage, the city has more than 80 various types of specialized bazaars, market prosperity, developed logistics, many merchants, known as “in the north of Linyi, South Yiwu”.

  Promotion activities has been the support of the Department of Linyi Municipal Propaganda Department of Trade and Industry Bureau of Linyi City, Linyi City, the news media, Linyi City cultural industry associations, chambers of commerce, person in charge of cultural production enterprises, market dealers and representatives of more than 50 people took part in the city held in Linyi City, China Merchants breeze forum. The city staff also visited the site of a large-scale cultural goods market in Jinan City, Linyi City, distributing promotional materials and publicity to the business operators Yiwu Promotion Fair.

upcoming fairs in Yiwu 2012 spring

For 2012 Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair
Date :April 21st (Sat.)—23rd (Mon.), 2012
Venue:Yiwu International Expo Center
Hotel info.: To be confirmed
Official Website:
 Decoration craft, Garment & Shoes & Hat, Household & Home textile including Carpet, Home Textiles, Bedding, Cloth art, houseware & Home Furniture, Leather& Cases & Bags, Leather belts, Locks & other accessories, Clothing, Underclothing, Socks, Scarves, Gloves, Ties, Caps, Shoes, Zipper, Yarn, Textile materials, Clothing accessories, Clothing for national festivals etc.;
 Brand pavilion
 Houseware including plastic commodities, Bamboo paper Commodity, Sanitary products, Maternal and infant supplies, Pet supplies, cleaning articles, Health Care and Personal Care Products, Daily commodities, Hotel Products, etc.;

For China International Hardware & Electrical Appliances Fair
Date :April 21st (Sat.)—23rd (Mon.), 2012
Venue:Yiwu International Expo Center
Hotel info.: To be confirmed
Official Website:
 Handware including Hardware & Tools, Gift Hardware categories, Daily Hardware category, Kitchen Hotel supplies, Hardware Leisure Products, Mechanical Equipment, etc.
 Electronics including Electrical products, Electrical Electrician, Accessories equipment, etc.

For 2012 China Cixi Household Appliances Expo
Date :April 22nd (Sun.)–24th (Thurs.), 2012
Venue:Cixi China Exhibition and Conference Center
Hotel info.: Cixi Zhongyi Business Hotel (4-star)
Official Website:
 Daily Household Appliances including TV Set, VCD, DVD, sound box, air conditioner, washing machine, spin-drier, refrigerator, refrigerating cabinet, cleaner, air purifier, etc.; warmer, fanner, household electric oven, electric iron, hair-dryer, telephone, cleaner, electric fireplace, etc.;
 Water Household Appliances including Water dispenser, towel softening machine, water softener, humidifier, water purifier, etc;
 Kitchen and Bathroom Products including Egg break machine, rice cooker, induction cooker, micro-wave oven, toaster, electric kettle, ventilator, dishwasher, sterilizing cabinet, coffee machine, juice extractor, water heater, bathroom warmer, etc.
 Health Care Products including Massage machine, electric fitness product, health care medical product, electric thermometer, oxygen bar, air humidifier, etc;