Yiwu wholesale network provides the best yiwu new sunglasses

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Spring and Summer Products Hit the Yiwu Wholesale Market

The good sunny spring days have really boomed the sales of spring products and various summer products also enter the pre-warming sales. New arrivals of various brands have been gradually launched to the market and accounted a big part of the sales.

As a shop keeper of towels in District 4, Yiwu International Trade Mart, Ms. Mao told, though the weather this spring is a little chilly, she had already put on the new products of spring and summer designs in her shop and the market feedbacks seem positive.

As the market monitor department told, spring shoes, like women’s cowhide shoes and coated leather shoes, and men’s casual shoes, etc. have been sold well both in wholesale and retail. Cartoon leather children’s shoes are well-received in Japan, Korea and the Middle East.

In handbag wholesale market, spring styles are prevailing. Fashion factors, like tassel and bright spring colors have been added in the designing of spring handbags. Sports bags and traveling bags, high and medium graded handbags as well, increased dramatically in export. As the cost of raw materials rises, spring and summer handbags also have a small rise at price.



February Yiwu market has not been fully restored

February Spring Festival of Utah, popular yet been fully restored, the market activity is not active, the Commodity turnover to achieve 3.035 billion yuan in February fell by 147 million yuan, compared with January, qoq to 4.62%. pointed out by “issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yiwu City, the latest issue of Yiwu Market Credit Index report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) that by the transaction amount fell affect, February Yiwu market transactions active index ring than the decline in the 9.25%, and drag on the month market credit index remained level in January, to close at 138.48 points.

  February the four sub-index of the classification market credit index in Yiwu “three liters down”. In addition to active trading index decreased 9.25 percent to 113.98 points, the remaining three sub-index has increased to different degrees. Mass index of goods ring up 0.67 percent to 151.13 points; merchants satisfaction index 148.22 points, increased by 1.28%; 10.87% gain, the risk control index closed at 145.80 points.

  Yiwu Market Credit Index colored lights warning subsystem monitoring, in February, the Yiwu Market Credit Index and the four sub-index value of more than 110 points in a safe “green light” area.Monitoring of the index fluctuations warning subsystem, the magnitude of active trading index changes of less than -5%, belong to the deterioration of situation of “W” (Worse); risk control index changes by more than 5 percent, belong to the “B “(Better) changed for the better condition; changes in amplitude of the composite index, the index of the quality of the goods and merchants satisfaction index in the range of -5% to +5%”, belonging to the “N” (Normal) normal conditions.

Yiwu Agriculture products market: usher in a “designated” the first tour – Yiwu News

To travel, to buy back the goods, here really is the best choice for visiting such a point of time today, really is not fun, I hope that the next opportunity, and again a trip. “March 25, at the end of Nongmao Cheng shopping tour of the tourist spots, the city China travel agency brought in Jiangxi by tourists Ms. Wang said with something more to say.

  It is reported that recently the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Finance Bureau jointly below Yiwu Farm Mingteyouxin Exhibition Center, officially classified as a tourist shopping, this is the city after the International Trade City travel shopping.

  On the morning of March 25, Nongmao Cheng Exhibition Center ushered in the formal set up after the first tourist groups. This is a team of 32 lesbians from Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, a business unit. 32 visitors walk through the various pavilions between the face of a different style pavilion, they have said, reading a lot of the market, never seen such a unique combination of agricultural and sideline products and the cultural complement each other, is the “Tour “and” purchase “the perfect combination.

  I heard so special drivers to want a little walnut back and inquire about which Hall bought.Surnamed Wang, tourists, I really do not believe there is such a good quality agricultural products around the country the Almighty to buy, after the travel is not as good as here a little back goods. And the product is fine, quality is also assured.

  The urging of the tour guide, visitors are only reluctantly to leave the exhibition center, the hands of large bags, has no one empty-handed.

  Before leaving, a Yangxing tourists, Yiwu Exhibition Center, go back and introduce it to more friends and family.

Yiwu Last Round for Hardware Exhibition

The Ninth China International Hardware Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Hardware”) will be held in Yiwu International Expo Centre from 21-23 April. Sprint stage in less than a month, the hardware will be staff of the organizing committee is still hard to publicize and promote, with the help of industry associations and the appeal of well-known show, do a good job the last breeze Merchants.

  After years of development, hardware has become a domestic hardware and electrical industry, high-profile international professional exhibition, the exhibition scale, outward, turnover and other indicators are among the best in professional exhibition in the country with hardware appliances category was named “Top 10 national trade exhibition” National trade show, the GTA “.

  It is learned that this hardware will set the international standard booths 1200, covering electronic and electrical appliances, hardware tools, machinery and mechanical and electrical, building hardware, daily hardware five industries. Up to now, the hardware will have completed more than 90% of the booth arrangement, exhibiting companies from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places.

  Relevant person in charge of the organizing committee introduced this year in the breeze process, the organizing committee and the local professional association in close cooperation, respectively, with the padlock Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City tool industry associations, the Association of Machinery Industry in Yiwu City, Guangdong Province tide On CAITANG the power of the Association of stainless steel products, the organize the enterprises to large-scale exhibition.Guangdong Province, Chao Cai Tong Stainless Steel Products Association last year’s visit to the show, exhibitors are very interested in this year, they have to apply to the organizing committee for about 40 booth. “The official told reporters last year, Yiwu machinery industry Association organized the exhibitors achieved good results this year will also organize corporate debut hardware, the booth application is expected to reach more than 60.

  Not long ago, the Organizing Committee staff also traveled to Shanghai 21st China International Hardware Fair, targeted at the show site visits to businesses, the hardware will breeze investment promotion. “Shanghai Hardware Expo show large-scale, highly professional force of impact in the industry, we hope with the help of its popularity to promote themselves.” The official said of the Organizing Committee, Shanghai Hardware Expo site, many companies are on the hardware will be full of interest, there are dozens of companies on the spot to apply for a booth.